Business In Yokohama

Economic Environment

Yokohama is truly an international city with a long history of welcoming foreign visitors and businessmen to the city and enjoys pre-eminent status as a leading international trade port in Japan. It has a strong business environment and gathers businesses of various sizes and industries from world class enterprises to small and medium sized companies with advanced technologies. Yokohama’s industrial belt, covering the east and continuing to north of the city along the Tokyo Bay has an amalgamation of manufacturing companies such as electrical equipment, machinery and automobiles and is well known worldwide. The city also has a strong economic base in the shipping, logistics, information communication technology, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries. It has the highest concentration of biotech companies and R&D facilities in entire Japan. Because of its proximity to Tokyo, various economic and trade activities between the two cities are interlinked.

Why Yokohama

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Yokohama as a business destination

  1. Great financial support from the local government by way of subsidy programs
  2. Lower office rent costs compared to Tokyo in spite of proximity to Tokyo
  3. Easy transportation access to any location across Japan by bullet trains and airplanes
  4. Easy availability of highly skilled human resources
  5. Excellent corporate neighbours

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The City of Yokohama, in an effort to develop and integrate bio-related industries, has been developing the Yokohama Science Frontier and has stablished “Yokohama Joint Research Center”, “Leading Venture Plaza” and “Yokohama Bio Industry Center (YBIC) in this area. New Cooperation and new business opportunities will be expected amount the companies in the facilities. Also located in the Yokohama Science Frontier is the famous world-class RIKEN Yokohama Institute.

IT Cluster Networking

To promote urban development and create a new business network taking advantage of the concentration of IT companies near Shin-Yokohama, regular meetings by local companies are held mainly to update information.

Incentive programs

The government of Yokohama City supports the foray of foreign businesses to Yokohama by offering a variety of incentive programs to attract these companies. Incentives are provided to companies that are active in designated industries and to those that open new offices, manufacturing sites or R&D facilities, or move their headquarters from another city in Japan to Yokohama. Financial support as part of these incentive programs include subsidies provided for office rent and tax reductions, and the maximum amounts offered are based on subsidy programs and specific businesses. Companies which are eligible for the incentive programmes, depend on criteria such as size of company, amount of investment in Yokohama and the number of new jobs created.

Yokohama World Business Support Centre (WBC)

Other than financial support, Yokohama also provides infrastructure support and other facilities to foreign-affiliated companies seeking to start business in the city. Yokohama World Business Support Centre run by the Yokohama City Government is located in the Minato Mirai area and extends assistance to foreign affiliated firms, such as-

  1. Incubation/start up offices on rent: Office space at WBC can be rented at a reasonable fee by foreign-affiliated companies starting business in Japan until they set up a permanent base; also waiving of security deposit makes more funds available to astart-up company for its business.
  2. Support on procedures for establishment of a company and taxation laws: WBC offers consultations with advisors on procedures for starting business in Yokohama and taxation laws.
  3. Business enquiries: WBC’s website publishes information on foreign companies’ products and other information which is provided to Japanese companies, and also provides for exchange of Japanese-language enquiries.
  4. Recruitment of personnel.
  5. Free Business consultation: WBC advisors,who are experienced business experts, provide free consultation regarding international trade, investment in Japan and technology sharing.
  6. Sponsoring trade fairs and seminars, hosting business delegations: WBC helps to organize international exhibitions, seminar management and collaboration, arrange business meetings with Yokohama companies and receive overseas delegation.

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Yokohama is Japan’s most internationalized city, and it is a world leader in international hospitality. It is one of Japan’s leading convention sites. The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB) possesses experienced expertise in welcoming meetings and incentive tours, and it provides diverse assistance to maximize the motivational benefits of incentive events.

Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB) is a non-profit organization mainly funded by the City of Yokohama to provide customized support for organizers of conventions, exhibitions, incentive tours, and other events. YCVB assists companies in planning at the early stages and securing maximum support and best results for events.

The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau furnishes the following kinds of operational support.

  1. Help prepare proposal kits and presentation materials
  2. Coordinate inspections of the prospective sites
  3. Introductions to local suppliers of meeting and award ceremony space
  4. Lodging, travel services
  5. Onsite operational support
  6. Charter-bus service to and from an airport
  7. Entertainment, such as traditional music, Japanese drumming, ninja shows
  8. Souvenirs for participants
  9. Pacifico Yokohama in Minato Mirai Area is one of Japan’s largest convention complex, which comprises a big conference hall (National Convention Hall of Yokohama), conference center, exhibition halls and a hotel.
  10. National Convention Hall of Yokohama has 5002 seats
  11. Conference center has a various size of 41 conference rooms
  12. Exhibition hall has 20,000 m2 for exhibition space, which can be divided into 4 segments. (3,300 m2 ×2, 6.700m2×2) Annex hall has 1,350 m2 conference space, which can be divided into 6 segments.
  13. The five star hotel (Inter Continental Yokohama Grand) has 600 guest rooms.

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